They (whoever these so-called experts of public opinion and behavior) say that the holidays bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, the holidays can also bring out the worst in people. We’ve all seen both sides of the coin. In the past week, I’ve heard great stories of hearts growing three sizes and people helping those in need but I’ve also seen many people growing impatient, being rude, and adopting the attitude of what some may call a grinch. I’d say make it your goal this holiday season to be the former of the stories but if we follow that logic, the rest of the year doesn’t matter as much. Instead, I’m going to keep telling you all to SPREAD LOVE. Here’s what I mean by that:

It’s a nice thing when someone holds a door for you or let’s you go first when you arrive at a line simultaneously. But these niceties shouldn’t be something for which you strive. They should be something you do day in and day out. What I’m talking about involves a little more than that.

You, yes you, have the ability, whether or not you try, to change your neighborhood, your city, and your world. Ok. Take a second, breathe, soak it in. This ‘good shit‘ that you take part in, that has changed your life, is a prime example of that. Sure, November Project is a fantastic way to get fit, cross-train, etc. But that’s not the point. We’re more than that. We are positivity. We are community. We are a well oiled, life-changing, smile-manufacturing machine. That same vibe that you bring to NP is the same vibe you should bring to EVERY aspect of your life. Sure, your coworkers might not want to high-five you (they’ll warm up to it eventually…maybe), but others (friends, family and strangers alike) notice that you are optimistic, happy, positive people. That vibe is infectious. Whether it’s a simple smile and a good morning, a quick conversation with the person behind the counter, or building a real friendship, you can change someone’s life FOR THE BETTER. That awesome vibe can literally turn someone’s frown upside down (I’ve seen it happen. It’s science. Trust me, I’m almost a doctor). You can make your neighborhood/city/world a happier place. Get to know the world around you and start living. Start enjoying. Start loving, forgiving, smiling, high-fiving, hips-in-hugging your world.

So don’t just promise to be nicer this holiday. Don’t just be happy for a few weeks and then shut down to human interaction once January 1 hits. Make a promise to yourself, to your friends, to whoever. I will spread positivity. I will spread community. I will SPREAD LOVE.


WEDNESDAY: Wear your holiday garb. As it is Christmas Eve and the last day of Chanukah and two days before Kwanza and whatever other holiday you celebrate, WE WILL ONLY HAVE A 6:30 WORKOUT.

And don’t forget…


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