Spin the Bottle+Name Game (IND)

Today the tribe played Spin the Bottle+Name Game. No pressure. While introducing themselves, they warmed up with a run around the block. They formed a circle and it was game on. While the tribe executed jumping jacks, tribe member A spun the bottle. When it landed on tribe member B, that tribe member jumping jacked to the middle of the circle. Tribe member A gave what they thought the name was of tribe member B. Correct answers were rewarded with high-fives. Incorrect answers were punished with thirty seconds of Sargent jumps, squats jumps, v-sits or toe touch crunches—in rain puddles no less. A collective and harmonious, “Hello, (name of person I now finally know),” followed. Then tribe member B spun the bottle and so on. Three incorrect answers resulted in an Up and Across. The final round ended with an Up and Over.


The #PositivityAward today went to Taylor, who continuously shows up, crushes the workouts and  encourages others. #FuckYeah, Taylor! We are glad you’re here.


What else did we learn today? Cupping your neighbors face and saying “Glad you are here” with eye contact is totally not creepy.

Upcoming: This thing called November Project will turn 3 years old soon and to celebrate The Birth of NP we are taking Mugshots on November 5th. Practice your mugging face.

See you next week! Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs

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