SPICE: Special Primetime Interview w/ Casey Exclusive (DCA)

When this opportunity fell into our laps, we were ecstatic. The chance to rub elbows with a person of this caliber astounded me and Kaelan. Maybe we’d get to rub shoulders as well. Who knows? But when corporate didn’t call and tell us this was happening, we knew it was the chance of a lifetime. We got an exclusive sit-down with the one and only Casey ‘Don’t Wink at Me’ Winkler. Here’s just some of the incredible conversating that went down:

Me: Kaelan, we’ll start with you. Tell me where you’re from and what’s brought you to this point in your life. A little background if we may.

Kaelan: Hey Steve. Great to see you here again. Super excited about our other guest as well. I’m from the Pacific NORTH NORTH NORTH west, the land they call Alaska. I love it there, grew up trying not to get chased by bears and running tall mountains in deep snow. I also just really love the people from the PNW. Very reliable, accountable, dependable people.

Me: Sounds like an amazing place. And now to our even more special guest, Casey. What’s your story?

Casey: 414033_4009860932398_1525012967_o

Me: Kaelan, your leading this movement called November Project in DC. How important is this thing in your life?

Kaelan: November Project is such an inspiring community in the District. Hundreds showing up to build positive community centered around getting fit for $0. I’m so thankful to be a part of it, to have met some pretty cool folks (like my boyfriend, other Steve) and even people from the other 29 cities in which November Project exists (*looks at Casey*)…like this guy.

Me: Casey, what about you? How are you involved with this?

Casey: 28187_731611817006_2970629_n

The interview went on but we didn’t really get to hear much about November Project Seattle, Casey’s love for NP, what’s been happening in his life lately, etc. etc. etc.


BECAUSE HE DIDN’T SHOW. We truly and sincerely hope that NP Seattle doesn’t suffer from this. Rumors about corporate stepping in to ramify the situation are still unconfirmed. Neither Casey nor corporate returned our calls. Consequently, we had no choice but to inform the public that WE MISSED YOU, CASEY.

Were you too busy thinking about the man in the mirror?


Were you lost?


Were you super hyped about the Ducks #GoDucks?


Also, just voicing overall and general concern about this:


Not mad. Just disappointed. Just be sure to wear your sunblock. Until next time…


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