Spice of the day – #BurpeeFace

We heard some complaints that #DestinationDeck is “too easy”. And that people can fly through the full deck in 15 minutes without even breaking a sweat. Those that are saying such preposterous things are either really, really, ridiculously good, at doing pushups or not doing them with proper form. Most of the time is the later… We’ve said it way too many times – #DestinationDeck is a run – deck – run workout and if you add the deck of cards to a 5-6 mile run, that’s a pretty solid workout. But maybe we’re just soft for thinking that…. or maybe you’re driving your car.

However, we do take your opinion and feedback seriously and take action when necessary. In the last few #DestinationDecks we’ve been adding little spice to the workouts. The spice that we chose for this morning is #BurpeeFace and it entails doing burpees for EVERY face card in the deck. For those of you counting that would be 108 push-ups, 108 sit-ups and 200 burpees. Let’s put it this way – #DestinationDeck took little bit longer this morning, folks were gingerly jogging home, and no one was complaining that the workout was too easy. It’s safe to say that Monday was a GREAT SUCCESS!

Rest up and take care of your body because Wednesday we’re doing a FrogMan1.

Abby Cange
Adam A
Alan S
Amanda Ayers
Amy Grifin
Andrew N
Andrew Schwartz
Anthony D
Ashley Hamilton
Ben H
Bianca B
Brad B
Brigitte G
Cameron Sperance
Cameron W
Cassie C
Chad Verry
Charlie Maher
Charlie O
Clayton Wiggins
Connor G
Corey Duggan
Danielle DH
Derrick S
Eddy Fleck
Elin F
Elizabeth C
Emily O
Erin McD
Erin S
Hannah L
Hannah M
Hannah P
Holden S
Jake Horwath
Jake O
James Christe
Jaymie T
Joey K
Katie Deans
Keri Walsh
Kim M
Kreg P
Kristen B
Kristin S
L Smith
Laura Mac
Lauren Goodman
Lauren Klinker
Lenny Lucas
Maria Perez
Marissa S
Mark Gregorio
Marle M
Marsha W
Mary McG
Mary W
Matt Cool
Max G
Michal S
Mike S
Molly B
Molly L
Nelson K
Nicole P
Patrick Burke
Phillip C
Rebecca Berger
Sam K
Sarah Korval
Sarah M
Sebastian B
Seth Pritikin
Steve C
Susan Lucas
Thomas VDL
Tim L
Torie Eells
Tusa Rebecca Schap
Whitney Kemp
Morgan Brown
Todd Vanderlin
Amanda J
Evan Dana
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7 Replies to “Spice of the day – #BurpeeFace”

  1. Bojan,
    Sorry, forgot to sign-in today, pretty sure I was non compos mentis after the last set of burpees.
    That was ‘not’ too easy.

  2. Forgot to sign in, too. Must have been all the awesome burpies.

    I’m outting myself on poor form for the later burpies. I’ll continue to improve my form, and do the deck slower if need be.

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