Speed Dating in 50 Shades of Grey

As the sun crested above the towering palms, the silhouettes of people began to emerge. The air was crisp, cool even, on our hot skin. Mystery fueled the excitement, like a game of Russian Roulette, you never knew who you were going to get next. Though our moments together were brief, they exploded with intensity and left us all breathless, waiting for more…

Now that you’re all hot and bothered – lets do recap, shall we?

Speed Dating Tabatas – Fuck yes. Hilarity ensued round after round – who knew that Chinese squats were next to impossible with someone twice your size!
In fact, here are some helpful November Project SD Tips for Speed Dating:
1. Be on time
2. Introduce yourself with thoughtful details: Hi, I’m Jessie and my favorite dinosaur is a T-Rex
4. Plan a fun activity: wheelbarrow races and frog leaps are a good start
5. Listen to what s/he has to say: ARE YOU READY 5-4-3-2-1!!!
6. If you’re not feeling it, or you get tired, switch that shit up and get a new partner…you know, before we get emotionally attached.

And while there were no whips or shackles present at today’s workout – there were 50+ Shades of Grey. Today we left our neon at home, and along with the rest of the NP Nation, wore grey for Brain Cancer Awareness. This is in honor of Ashleigh’s mother Deborah Bordwell, an incredible woman many of us knew and loved. We love you Ashleigh, the tribe is always here for you and your family.

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