Specific Ambiguity (DEN)

Preface: I, Ryan Major Woody Wooderson, live my life in a perpetual state of mild-to-moderate preparation for most things. My wise as an owl late grandfather always said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of manure.” Or something, maybe, I wasn’t listening. I would like to extend my most sincere apologies to this morning’s 5:30 group for the general lack of preparedness for not only the bounce in which I loudly asked “How is everyone this morning?”, but also for not knowing precisely where the workout was located. Fuckin’ rookies.

This morning we returned to our roots at Ruby Hill. We went back to where #NP5280 began (sorry, City Park) with a man, a Molly, and a dream. That dream has led us back here, to a chilly, dark as hell morning in a sketchy parking lot where having astigmatism is a serious handicap. In this new morning of leadership I will readily admit I had no fucking clue. Lt. Dan to the rescue. This man has been here, he’s done things, he’s survived the sketchy parking lot with near perfect vision and a blinding bike light. Dan directed us to the hill 100 yards away.

What commenced was beautiful. The weather is starting to turn and it’s darkerthan a well-digger’s ass outside, but we sprinted up to what we could only assume at 5:30 was a scenic view of south Denver, then we jogged down, burpee’d, and sprinted back up. Out of breath, knees weak, palms are sweaty, but Eminem is nowhere in sight and it’s too damn early for spaghetti.

The 6:!5 bounce was an homage, if you will, and I sincerely hope you do, to NP-LAX co-leader Steve Selnick. We will keep working hard to bring a beat to the bounce, because that was fresh as hell. 6:15 company repeated hills with awkward eye contact partner squats with Russian/Mason twists on the playground up top, which somehow turned into a social event.

Wrap it up, Wooderson. Jesus. This is the time of year when shit gets really real. It’s colder, darker, and hard as fuck to get out of bed in the morning. Trust yourself, trust the tribe, and just fuckin show up. Getting there is the hard part, once you’re there, the tribe will pull you up the hill.

TONIGHT: 6 PM to-noche, Gov’s Park Tavern, 3-mi run then HH to celebrate the man, the myth, the Lt.

November 8, #BetterThanBedtime, details, TBA. Pencil us in in pen.

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