Special People

Sometimes special people show up to November Project workouts.  For me, it’s special when someone comes to visit from somewhere outside of Boston and they decide to show up with you.  Usually they go “to see what all the hype is about,” or “to get you to finally stop talking about it,” or “because it means so much to you and I want to experience it myself.”  Whatever the reason, it’s special when they come.

It’s special when someone who lives in a non-NP city, prioritizes coming to an NP workout when they come to Boston.  Just like the dude who stood at the bottom of section 37 on Wednesday and told me that he’s from France–here on vacation–and learned about November Project on the internet, so he just showed up.  Or when Richard and his wife Teresa, now long time NP friends and “tribe of two” from Arkansas come to the hills this morning and run their asses off while they’re in town for the weekend.  Or when my dear friend Natalie, who lived in Boston for years and years but now resides in DC, shows up even when she’s a little sick to run one hill and do ONE burpee with me in the sopping rain.

It’s special when Kevin, Rachel & Christine (some of the new kids today) show up.  It’s their NP birthday, whether they realize it or not, and they’re special people.

It’s also special when people show up the morning of moving day (Shallcross–good luck, buddy), or the first morning they know they’ll be starting a new job they’ve been searching for.  It’s special when new parents show up after getting through a well-enough rested night of sleep (or not!) and give themselves a little fitness too.  It’s special when the Brookline police show up and not only watch you work out but join you for burpees on the street. It’s special when the people who make you smile show up, because you love seeing their bright smiling faces.  It’s special when the people who give the best hugs show up, because the world needs all the hugs.  It’s special when the person who didn’t talk to a single other soul today shows up, because they were not alone while they ran short, fast hill repeats on the back side of the hill and did 5 burpees in the park at the top each time.  It’s special when you show up, because when you don’t show up, we miss you.

The tribe is made up of every single one of us–and it’s an amazing network of human beings.  It’s an incredible constellation of human lights like stars in the sky.  It’s a beautiful beach of sand made up of each and every grain of sand (the people are the grains of sand in that little metaphor).  It’s a bountiful field of flowers with each of us blooming in our own form and shade.  It’s a powerful tribe, with a whole freaking lot of special people.


Make sure that someone else in this tribe knows why you think they’re special.  Tell them. Write it down.  Sing them a song. Tweet about it.  IG their special face.  Do it your way, but don’t let that special go unnoticed or unappreciated today.

And then do the exact same thing for someone outside of the tribe.  Include others in this good shit, and we’ll take over the world with positivity and free fitness too.



Will be in Southwest Corridor Park near Northeastern campus.  Show up for a badass workout, free hugs, free fitness, and the Rando Die for extra burpees.  See the tracker for the exact map location and to verbal.


The Tribe is Special.  Keep changing the world.

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