Southie, Up and Around (IND)

Today #NP_IND ushered in the inaugural Southie, Up  and Around workout. Southie, reminiscent of where November Project was born, indicated which side of the monument’s stairs we were running. The Up is self-explanatory, on the Around, tribe members did frog jumps and push-ups at locations indicated by cones.  After descending and hitting the parking meter, tribe members did a burpee ladder; the number of burpees increasing with each lap completed. Make sure to log your laps on the Tracker!

Today the #PositivityAward went to…drumroll… Macko! With her fierce run face, quiet demeanor and love of NP, we sadly say farewell to Macko as she leave us for the Mothership. If you had to leave us at least you are going to a city with NP and the Mothership, no less. Oh and that bit about the MBA from Harvard is pretty dope too.

2014-08-14 00.01.19-2

See you next week!  Indiana War Memorial. North stairs. 5:28/6:15am.

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