Sometimes you just do things

A couple of amazing things have happened in the last day.  First, November Project Boston had our Monday Destination Deck in Peters Park–in the South End this morning.  It included a 12 minute circuit of 40 sec on/ 20 sec off doing 4 exercises: pushups, single leg squats on a wall, v-ups, and fast feet (with the occasional jump shot).  Then we did a Sebastian.  For the new friends reading this, that’s 7 straight minutes of burpees.  It’s an incredible test of endurance and grit.  Because whether you ran 4 miles to the deck or not, whether you did the 12 min circuit first or not, 7 minutes of burpees is fucking hard, no matter what.  For those of you who #JustShowedUp and did the workout–you get to record your burpee score.  You can compare to the last time you did it, or you can set your bar for the next time.

It’s hard to do those workouts, especially when you run there AND do the circuit AND do the Sebastian.  They push us to work harder, to get through one more rep, and to keep our minds focused on doing the work while our bodies might plead to stop. Sometimes we hear others ask us, or hell, sometimes we ask our selves, “Why?” Hmmm.  Good question.

bojan sweat

The other pretty amazing thing that happened yesterday was a new record was set by Scott Jurek for completing the fastest assisted thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.  Something that is recommended for folks to take 5-7 months to complete, he did in a mere 46 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes.  This dude went the equivalent of 50 miles every fucking day for 46 days and 8 hours, to get from Georgia to Maine.  He beat the previous record by 3 hours, which is both amazing that he could do it faster and amazing that over the course of 2189 miles total, he squeaked out only 3 hours ahead.  I know a couple people who have hiked the entire AT, but no one was setting records.  I’ve asked all my friends why they did it and they have stories about needing to change their lives, get out of the busyness and rush of life, or to accomplish something physically that was inspiring, impressive, and out of the ordinary.  So many people might hear about what Scott Jurek did and just wonder, “Why?”  Hmmm.  Good question.

Is the reason that Scott Jurek attempted his amazing feat and the reason we get out of bed on Monday mornings to run to the Deck and do circuits and then a Sebastian on top of that, the same reason?  My guess is that we all have different inspiration, motivation, and demons that drive us to do things.  But Jurek quotes his father several times in his book about being a vegan ultra-runner “Eat & Run,” when he says “sometimes you just do things.”

Sometimes you just do things.

Sometimes, you don’t spend the time or energy wondering, worrying about, or trying to explain the things we do.  Sometimes we do them because there are there to be done.  Sometimes we do them because we have to in order to survive.  Sometimes we do them because the thought of not doing them is far worse than the pain, struggle, or discomfort of doing them.  Sometimes we trust and believe that we will be better on the other side of these things.  Not because we set records or win every time.  Not because doing these things isn’t without risk or challenge–but because when we do them, we dig a little deeper and discover parts of us we didn’t know.  Sometimes we do things because that is how we feel alive.

So guess what?  The Tribe is ALIVE! Sometimes you just do things.  We keep doing things and doing more things.  And we won’t ever stop.

Have a great day.  See you on Wednesday.  You guessed it, at the Stadium.

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