Sometimes it Hurts…

Race days are fun. Heaped with excitement, and great expectations. But sometimes, it doesn’t happen. You wake up and feel like shit. You barely want to get out of bed, let alone run anywhere–but we do, cause that’s what we do! You #justshowup and sometimes today isn’t your day. That you’re a little too injured, a little too over-trained, or a little too “San Diego” to run the race you wanted to.

What I want to tell you is it’s OK! It’s ok to not finish. It’s ok to struggle. If you PR’d every race every time it wouldn’t mean much at all now, would it? The point is, you need to have a short memory. Forget that shit, and try again next time. Yes it’s hard. Yes it’s frustrating. Especially if it’s something you’ve been training for for a long time. Life is hard, but through struggle comes strength, and Future You doesn’t have time for Current You to dwell on those struggles. If you had a shitty race today–whether you didn’t hit your goal time, PR, or you just felt shitty, I’m sorry, but know that it gets better and next time you’re gonna freakin fly. Also, at least you got a totally kickass sunrise out of it?!?


Today’s winners crushed it out there despite crazy headwinds and came in strong to the finish line.

1st – 20:34: Grady’s Roommate (aka Gordon Vermeer)

2nd – 21:04: Grady Jackson

3rd – 21:11: Tom Adamietz

1st – 24:07: Molly Finn

2nd – 24:36: Dana Bogan

3rd – 24:44: Morgan Redman


To all those that didn’t place, there’s always next year… We’ll work on getting the same sunrise going in case you missed it on Instagram.

Much Love,
– Chris

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