Sometimes I don’t get it (YWG)

Every once in a while your week doesn’t go quite as planned. It’s harder to get through your day than usual, you don’t feel quite as motivated for your workouts and when Wednesday morning rolls around you find it harder to get up. This morning was one of those mornings for me. But when I arrived and people start flowing in, as usual in groups of 2 and 3 from all directions, and I started to feel a little better. The group grows and before we know it we are running around, and working our asses off.

And this point I realize how many people I am surrounded by at it is incredible. 150 people (give or take) decided to come out this morning and have a little fun with our tribe. I’m really not sure I know why we are all so drawn to this, and I’m sure you have all felt the same, but I do know that I have never once regretted the decisions to wake up, show up, grab a few hugs and work my ass off.

I want to thank all of you who come every week, those of you who come most weeks, and even those who have come once or twice. You are all very cool people, doing a very cool thing, and I hope that realizing that you brighten someone’s day with your presence makes you feel awesome!


One person who may not quite relate to my above rant is Junel Malapad. Because that man wakes up every day under a rainbow, having dreamt of happiness, looking forward to a day of positive thoughts and awesomeness. He is the guy who runs his age in KM every year to support Mental Health Awareness. He is the guy who tagged his truck with #grassrootsgear, he is the guy who smiles, and high fives and selfie sticks with anyone and everyone he can. He is positive, he is awesome, he is November Project and he deserves the #positivityaward. Good job my friend!

See you next week,
Tom and Rick

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