Soggy Mustache Dash (IND)

Well, the “soggy” part of this blog title was supposed to pertain to all the rain we’ve had lately, but the showers dodged us during the workouts.  Still, soggy most definitely applied.

After challenging our San Fran Sister to a good ol’ fashioned “plank-off”, our Indy tribe left enough sweat puddles to drown an _____??? [I don’t know; I’m sure there’s a rain/puddles related saying out there that fits the bill, but the best I could find is this Charlie Chaplin quote: “I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.”  Have a very uplifting day!]

Anyway, Rem Yoder was our clear winner with a ridiculous plank-holding time of 16:10.  Leila Ashley got that silver, and I’m giving the bronze to Curtis Roy (Idk if these are your first and last names or first and middle).  Andy Rusiniak and I were late scratches for using performance enhancing side-planks.


–Indy plankers for days–



We were handing out free southside mustache rides runs left and right this morning.

We started with a sprint up to the gold door (anybody else wonder who left the door cracked open?).  Racing over to the EASTSIIIIIDE, we partnered up and had a leg throw-down showdown.  It was then a race back to the southside for some planter tricep dips before running up to the gold door again.  WESTSIIIIIDE next for some partner high-fives, then back to dips and doors on the southside.  We repeated that mustache pattern continuously but with planks + jumps every other time on the east, hoistees every other on the west.

Temp was nice, but that midwest air was still pleeeeeenty muggy.


–Jason throwing down with conviction! … or maybe he just can’t stand other people’s legs–



  • Keep up the recruiting and promoting.  Shout out to Jason Keys for being a monster on that front lately, which is to say, the entire time he’s been coming.  That’s awesome!
  • For any stragglers, the Wisco North Face Endurance Challenge is a month from today, and a handful of Indy NP’ers are heading up, so feel free to get onboard still.
  • Friday’s popup workout is going to be down on the canal.  We’re meeting by “The Tent” (thanks self-proclaimed #artnerd Anne Cammille-Jongleaux), which in layman’s is that two-sided colorful mirrored metal sculpture along the canal before the bridge to the NCAA.  Ask Shaw or me if you don’t know what I’m talking about.


Thanks for not only showing up, but showing up strong and working hard.  Our tribe is constantly growing and getting more and more impressive each week!

Have an awesome week!




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