#SocialMediaWeek @Nov_Project

Starting today we’re going to ask for your help with the creation of the first ever #SocialMediaWeek @Nov_Project. “But BG, Bojan, what is #SocialMediaWeek @Nov_Project?” you may be wondering. Glad you asked.

With our NP Spring race one week from Sunday, we need your help. We’re asking all of you, not JUST the badass core members, to get our your smartest phones in order to shoot photos, snap shots, tweet verbals, and generally drum up hype and love leading into the Easter Sunday race known as the #EasterHashHunt. This can be done by those who can’t make the event or live in other parts of the world… we’re simply asking our community to build the excitement we all share through social media.

If you’re around next Sunday and still haven’t signed up we hope you’ll RSVP for this FREE event right away. Keep in mind, this race will be open to all, so for those of you with friends who can’t pull themselves out of bed to train with us during the week… please let them know that they’re welcome to this 11AM start.

A few of you Flashy-Flashmen and women have already put your outfits together and are ready to rock. For those of you who are still deciding between the different options of bunny ears and pastel outfits, we hope that you can document the building of your racing outfit along the way. Need help building your outfit? Head here.

We’ve reached a point where the entire city knows that the November Project is here to stay. We are clearly having more fun and creating more new events than any other grassroots group in and around town. Now let’s grab our phone, create content, and post, Tweet, share, and RT with consistency. From now through the post race party we’ll hope that you push NP social media with the rule that more IS better.

HOMEWORK: If you’re new to the world of social media… you have homework. Get on your phone, download Twitter, create an FB account, and get going. If you’re already on it, show us what you’re up to. #SocialMediaWeek starts now.

MONDAY: #DestinationDeck will meet at Faneuil Hall Marketplace at 6:25AM. When you arrive please get right into self-created introductions and the inclusive greetings to those who may look new. Plan on doing some fun sprints and some insane/weird “spice.” It will be a great start to #SocialMediaWeek. Be ready to post about it.

WEDNESDAY: You know the drill. Stay #weatherproof. Be ready to Tweet about it.

FRIDAY: We run hills. We train like ninjas. Officer Brother may or may not be joining us as a new member. Be ready to add rad photos from Summit Ave to your Pinterest boards.

EASTER SUNDAY, MARCH 31st, 11AM: November Project’s #EasterHashHunt. Hitting the Spring of 2012 hard. Showing our face as winter survivors that pretty much run this town. Head into this event with Instagram already on your phone.

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