So, What’s with the Stick? (BAL)

This morning’s reading glory comes from a lady we all know and love at NP, Laura K. As the positivity award winner a few weeks ago, she was presented with a question daily. So, she decided to answer in written format, for all her family and friends to figure out what exactly IS this crazy thing we do at 5:30AM? The answer? Keep reading….

Since I received the Positivity Award at November Project (NP) this morning, the #1 question I have received from friends and family is “So, what’s that stick?” – followed soon after by “Is that a club you’re holding?” So, I figured I’d give it a shot at answering.

First of all, the Positivity Award is not a stick or club, it’s actually made from an oar! The founders of NP were rowers, so each tribe receives an award with “November Project” engraved in one side and the name of their city on the other. This morning, Pat (one of the co-leaders) gave a moving speech about how the Positivity Award winner is someone who steers their city towards positive change through their actions, just like the oars of a boat. Each week, the co-leaders announce the winner of the Positivity Award, someone who embodies positivity both in their tribe and throughout their city.

I’m incredibly honored to have received the Positivity Award, because being part of November Project Baltimore has truly changed my life. It has made me a happier, healthier person. Being surrounded by energetic, positive people, who do amazing things for this city has shaped me into a better human being.

I joined NP over a year ago, in the dead of winter, with the thought of “If I can do this in the bitter cold and snow, it’ll just get easier from here.” From my first bounce, to the smiles, hand hugs, and mountain climbers, I was obsessed.

One of the many questions people ask when you #JustShowUp to NP is “So how did you find out about this?” Luckily, I am friends with Pat from a summer camp we volunteered at for teens with Down syndrome. This “November Project” thing kept popping up on Facebook, and finally I decided to check it out. I set my alarm for 5:35 AM in the middle of winter, drove down to Fed Hill, and never looked back. A year ago, I never could have imagined that this group of people crazy enough to work out before sunrise would become some of my closest friends. I am forever thankful for this #NP_family.

NP Baltimore has truly changed my life. From the joyful shouts of “I’m happy you’re here!” to the hips in hugs, the genuine smiles and constant positivity, nothing makes me happier than spending time with my tribe. November Project workouts have made me so much stronger, both physically and mentally. Before just showing up to NP, I didn’t know what a burpee, hoistee, or box jump was. Now I do, and more importantly, now I can show a newbie what they are, with a welcoming smile on my face.

Joining NP has given me the confidence to go up to strangers and introduce myself. I have made a group of incredible friends who are always ready for #FreeFitness or supporting local businesses and events. Since joining NP over a year ago, my life has been 100% changed for the better. #NP_Bal, I love you.

xoxo, Laura


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