So Warm, I’m Sweating (DCA)

Ok, so the sweat might be partially from the anticipation of how awesome this winter is going to be. But seriously, you thought it was cold this morning? I remember back in the day when it was 7 degrees and -10 wind chill. Oh the days of the polar vortex. The difference between NP and the rest of the world? We reach for the extra layer and the beanie instead of the snooze button.

Numbers dwindled this morning and it makes me wonder if the rumors are true. What are these District inhabitants made of? Join up with your fellow racers (aka everyone) and #JustShowUp. Need some motivation or accountability? Feel free to make a pact with a friend (new or old) to show up X number of days in December (how about 14?). Don’t let a little cold air scare you. It’s much worse in Canada and they still show up.

Worried about being cold? Don’t. We’ll make you work up a sweat no matter what. This winter is all about pushing your personal boundaries. We’re not bears trying to fatten up for hibernation (although we do bear crawl). This winter will not be the same as others. Our hugs might have a little more cushion but we’ll continue to get faster, stronger, weirder together.

On the subject of layers, check out NP Edmonton’s post about proper layering during the colder months. Also, our friends up North have put together these cool buffs (seen below). If you’re interested in purchasing one ($10 each), let us know BY MONDAY via the NP DC social page.

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Stay warm this weekend, DC.



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