So Many Announcements You All Fell Asleep (SF)

So damn sorry for the long announcements the last few weeks. I am not one for long talks, I leave that for Paddy and his rambling about absolutely nothing. But damn, it’s been a busy few weeks!

Congratulations to our Nike shoe winners Hutch, Tony, Bryan, Aoife, Holly and Lucci. You guys lost your mind, lost your voices and, inevitably, lost your shit on Sunday morning so those ladies could finish the hill climb strong. Thank you for giving up your Sunday morning to make theirs better.

Hills on Friday: I don’t know. Somewhere in North Beach. Paddy will drop a pin or some shit.

GOOD LUCK to the 1873 teams running the Ragnar relay this weekend! May your shoes run like the wind and no one fall asleep behind the wheel. When in doubt, down a pixie stick, one of those huge ones. Oh man, REMEMBER PIXIE STICKS?? I haven’t had that thought in years yet it just rolled off my typing fingers as if I have one every morning. But I eat raw cookie dough every morning, not pixie sticks.

Happy Wednesday Kids! DSC_0239

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