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I got a text late on Tuesday night that shocked me. “Does NP get snow days?”. Damn right we do. It snows, and we get to play in it. Perhaps not what the author of the text was thinking of when they used the term ‘snow days’, but fortunately an enthusiastic ‘#weatherproof’ response got them back on the straight and narrow.


It snowed a lot last night. Possibly two foot. Maybe even three. My sleep deprived British eyes struggled to make sense of the white wilderness as I stumbled out of the door yesterday morning. Michelle and I had had a late night phone conference to plan a contingency workout in case the route hadn’t been ploughed, but it wasn’t needed. The route was clear (ish), the call was unnecessary, and I need not have let that cup of tea get cold (the worst!). Those who braved the snow smiled lots, so they must have been enjoying themselves. Or only smiling when there was a camera pointed at them…


People showed up, we did ‘that Vancouver thing’ and things got weird, and then we ran in the snow. Two newbies made it out despite the snow, and one of our regulars – who had made a very public snow pants #verbal the night before – was a no show. You know who you are. We’re reliably informed that snow pants will not be needed next week, and that #TeamShorts will be out in force. See you there: we haven’t planned the workout yet, but we know that it’s going to be excellent!

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