Snoop Dogg Delight (DEN)

530 Lords of Dogtown
530 Lords of Dogtown


  1. We got a little freaky deaky this morning and did it doggy style
  2. Dog bone course with burpees, hop-scotch squats, mountain climbers, and wheelbarrows (wheelbarrels if you’re nasty).
  3. No one likes burpees.  Everyone likes dogs, except Danny Metcalf.  Danny Metcalf hates dogs and food Instagrams.
  4. All dogs go to heaven.  If you’re too young to remember, watch it and prepare to sob uncontrollably.


When you start the morning with a group rap sesh, things can only go up from there.  While perhaps not the easiest choice, Rapper’s Delight gives us a historical look at hip hop and provides a window to the soul of the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Which also gives me a window into how I was conceived (vomit).

Rap/hip-hop has come a long way since then, each artist sampling and building off the last.  A buddy of mine has a bumper sticker that reads “All We Have Is Now.”  While existentialism is a super fun word to use that makes me sound smarter than I really am, I believe that our Now should always be informed by how we got there.  So it is with NP.  That’s also why I may or may not have teared up just a bit at Matthew’s speech this morning.  This #worldtakeover was founded on much more than just working out.  This movement was founded on principles of fitness, accountability, positivity, and community, just to name a few.

Each of us has a choice of how to participate in NP.  We can come for the workout and go home.  We can add a few high fives and “fuck yeahs” to our morning.  We can go so far as to dive into the social pool and have this bunch of yahoos become our best friends, or even marry them.  We can see this thing as a vehicle for positivity not just in our weird little community, but for the entire city of Denver, and come to each workout with that attitude.

The decision is yours only, and not one of us will judge you for simply coming to the workout and going home.  But while you’re here, wouldn’t it be great to give back to the tribe just as much as you’ve received?  That’s love, my friends.  And that concludes today’s sermon.



RevRun (Major Woody)

NP Yoga: Namaste

Cupid’s Undie Run: THIS Saturday.  Promo code for 50% off: YALLGOOD.

FRIDAY: Convention Center Stairs @ Speer & Champa 530/615

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