Smok’n Fast (YEG)

Smoke was in the air this morning…the cause – the NP Canada tribe rippin up and down the hill this morning. While I had a hard time distinguishing between paint fumes and forest fire smoke, Nadim assures me that it was all of you who contributed to the particulate matter in the atmosphere. Good job!

I feel the need to clarify the “Injury Deck” that I wrote about for Wednesday’s blog post. There is only 1 workout for the tribe each morning…Mondays are our circuit destination workouts, Wednesdays are stairs, and Fridays are hills. One of the reasons our community is so strong is because we collectively sweat, swear, battle, and succeed in these workouts. Each morning that we meet we have a goal – to unite and conquer the day’s challenge. We support one another as we all make strides to improve – crushing last week’s distance, time or whatever the goal is that you set. If we start to break away from that collective frame of mind and people start to do their own thing within those workouts we weaken the tribe. The injury deck is not a second option for a workout, its for tribe members who have injuries and have been told by their doctor that they cannot do hills or stairs because it will do them further damage. When you’re injured being around positive energy helps the healing process. Anyone who has been sidelined but an injury will tell you that they’d give anything to run stairs and hills with the tribe. So if you are injured and not allowed to run or walk the hills or stairs, you can still come in the mornings and contribute to the amazing NP atmosphere. There is always a place for more cheerleaders, high 5ers, photopgraphers & taggers, but if you’re just tired of running the hill because it’s hard and it sucks…yup…its hard and it sucks and that’s what makes us stronger! Keep on running!


Monday, July 13th – Kinsmen Park 5:58AM

Two years ago we met at Kinsmen Park for the first ever NPCanada workout – this was the beta-test to see if Edmonton was hungry for the NP tribe. Well here we are, two years later, strong and growing. See you all Monday morning back at Kinsmen as we recreate the first ever NPCanada Destination Deck Workout. Bring a deck of cards with you.

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Emily Murphy Hill

September 25th – 27th – NP Summit Park City Utah  Northface Endurance Challenge Race Discount Code: NP25UT (price goes up at the end of the month) For more info check out “NP Canada takes on the NPSUMMIT” event post on our Facebook Page

JULY 13, 2013 – The first ever November Project Canada workout

Until next time…SMILE! J


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