Smoke and a Pancake (DEN)

Oh Molly, I’m pretty sure you missed out on your new favorite breakfast food today. You would have exploded after tasting Nanna’s Banana Bread French Toast at Fooducopia. In fact, I had so much food envy when the dish was served to Danny Boy, that I considered changing my blueberry pancake order. I know right, blueberry pancakes are so delicious!! But still, we had a wicked holiday breakfast today with a solid tribe of red, white, & bluers, and we missed you and all of our other adventuring Nov Pro’s.

It’s kindof hard to remember the workout this morning, since our brunch lasted about 3-hours, but I think I made the group run too much. I like running, but apparently everyone else prefers doing partner leg tosses. Oh well, I’ll add that note to our Google document of workout do’s and don’ts.


Led by Molly Thayer (DEN) and Kristin Shearer (BOS) the tribe of November Project- Lake of the Ozarks assembled today for a stars & stripes bikini themed destination Deck & Swim. Happy 4th everyone! #thetribetravels (Pic Below)


Spearheaded by Keith Smith (DEN), the hype started early for a sick savage workout held at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, MO. These hashtags don’t lie: “#NovemeberProject Liberty Memorial 6:15 a.m. 4th o July. Just show up! pop up workout. #earnyourweekend#NovemeberProjectDen #Freedom #FreeFitness #earnURfreedom.”

Freedom isn’t free, but our workout is,

Flanniel in the USA

WEDNESDAY 6:15A: Mandatory 12 hug morning. Capitol Building Stairs (14th & Broadway).

NP Ozarks
NP Ozarks
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