Slumberjack (IND)

Wisconsin Notes:

  • #NP_IND knows how to flannel.
  • We have discovered something you would rather burpee than do…and that is a wall sit while you wait for others to burpee.
  • What exactly does giving away beer mugs as prizes for winning Sunrise 6K say about us as a tribe???
  • NOT calling Lumberjack competitions, “Lumberjack-offs” means ESPN is doing it wrong.

The #NP_IND trip donned their flannel, yelled TIMBER, and dominated a team lumberjack workout this week.  Teams of four were given exercises of 60 reps at which they collectively “chipped” away while the other team members held steady at an exercise until it was their turn to start chopping.

DSC05967(5:28am is prime for choppin’)

Starting off on the north side of the monument and running up the stairs to the east side, the team members took turns doing burpees until a total of 60 was reached while the others held a wall-sit.  Then on to the south side of the memorial where they had to complete 60 push-ups and held a plank when not chipping.  After that tree was chopped, it was up the stairs (to touch the gold door of course) and on to the west side of the memorial where the exercise was 60 Russian twists with a hollow hold or superman for the non-chippers.  Finally, the team ran back down to the north side of the memorial where the team held a handstand hold while alternating with the 60 tricep-dips.  Those of us “non-gymnastically inclined” folks held an elevated plank until it was our turn to dip.

We were glad to have Jamie, a tribe member from NYC join us this morning!  Sammy and Colleen got their official November Project Indy beer mugs, err….I mean, Sunrise 6K awards.

In the words of Ice Cube, “today was a good day”.  Stairs were run, legs were torched, memories were made, lumberjacks got, well…jacked.

DSC05970     (Co-leaderjacks)

Bring a weight-filled backpack next week!! 5:28am/6:15am – Indiana War Memorial.

Much love!!

  • Shaw
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