Slow-motion good mornings (BAL)

Holy smokes! Do you know the last time I did a blog post? I think Lincoln was President and had just pointed the cannons on Federal Hill at downtown Baltimore to save the Union. It feels good to be back and dust off the social media skills that I placed on the top shelf in that creepy closet in the back corner of the basement.

Blogging for NP is fun because it makes you sit back and re-evaluate that morning’s workout and try to come up with something witty or inspirational to keep the people going.

I was thinking about the slow-motion good mornings that Nick had all of us do this morning. Yes, they were exaggerated and weird and funny (the essence of NP), but sitting here with my blog cap on they took on a whole new meaning for me. So many of our interactions throughout the day are transient: you walk by a person and smile; you thank the gas station attendant for ringing you up; you talk to your server at the restaurant about the best way to pick up the person at the table next to you. Our days are filled with these quick interactions that we usually don’t put much thought or reflection into.

At November Project, it’s different. There is a deliberate slowing down, even as our legs are gaining speed up Baltimore Street or around Rash Field. There is a desire — no, a craving — to look somebody in the eyes and say “I’m happy you’re here,” and mean it. That attitude is what fuels this community, this movement, more than the workouts.

So, my weekend advice to you is this: create more slow-motion moments in your life.

Slow down. Have a conversation with the man or woman running the cash register at the grocery store. Stop and acknowledge the individual experiencing homelessness along MLK. And hug as often and as hard as you can.

Dawn, our Positivity Award winner this week, was finally able to snag her award after leaving Wednesday’s workout faster than Steve Harvey left the stage at the Miss Universe pageant. Dawn, thank you for your generosity, humility, and kick-ass attitude. Oh, and for hosting a huge cohort of the tribe after the Baltimore Marathon in OCTOBER (yes, that’s how long we’ve been trying to give this award to you).

Next Wednesday is the last day of PR Day as we know it. Big changes are coming soon, and you don’t want to miss your last chance to crush our current version of PR Day. Until then, folks.


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