Sliding into Home (DEN)

Sans General Molly’s warming Mile High glow, the PR Clover circuit proved to be a unique challenge this morning. An overnight blanket of icy crust left our beloved baby-amphitheater steps with slick spots and made for hang-on-for-your-friggin-life yelps. Nonetheless, this morning there was a puffy-vest tribe to be hugged and a slip-N-slide workout venue to be raced, so when you left your bed this morning it was game on: #ChallengeAccepted.

Running, jumping, and pivoting are not reserved for ideal conditions. When challenged to do these movements in slippery conditions, the body unveils stabilizer muscles that seldom get used, and the brain drives with fighter-pilot focus. While the challenge is pure, the consequences of injury are not. Therefore throughout the winter, the LieutenantGeneral may alter our workout locations on short notice for the safety of the tribe. I’m not a doctor, but I did sleep in my own bed last nite.

Friday, we have been graciously invited to join our very own Positivity Award winner, Stefan, at his gym Fitness In The City for FREE!! Burn off your Turkey Tummy with Stefan and your #NP5280 tribe for a morning workout that will be INSIDE and FREE and most likely followed by BRUNCH!!! FRIDAY 6:15AM 1212 Delaware Street, Denver.

Happy Thanksgiving Tribes,



FRIDAY 6:15A : Join Stefan for Free Movement at Fitness In The City (1212 Delaware Street, Denver)

WEDNESDAY 5:30/6:15A : Capitol Building Steps

Track the # of Clovers you completed today!!!


530 PR Provers
530 PR Provers



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