Slap the STOP (MSP)

We wake up before the sun. He/she is getting lazy. Now that summer is over and school has started, the sun just wants to stay in bed. We don’t do that. We won’t. We show up in the dark.IMG_1293

New faces, and five outta-towners legged it to The Mill yesterday morning. One of whom began their 4.5 hour trip to MSP at 2am the morning of, just to catch the workout.

The Summit is 9 days out, and MSP will be ready. We will be rolling to Wisconsin in double-digits. So the tribe trained hills hard in preparation. Four total suicides; first time up around the cone, then a step on the rock half way up, and finally all the way to the Bridge memorial at the hilltop. A STOP sign slap required at the bottom of each lap.


Partner workout supplements took place in-between every suicide set, eye-contact encouraged. This was a rotation of leg-throws, partner pushups, and hoisties. Then back to the hill.

New and visiting tribe members got their #GrassrootsGear, and Melissa tackled Shannon Ginsberg with Positivity. The tribe is loud. The tribe is excited. The tribe is welcoming. Show up and see how we celebrate Wednesday mornings.


Next Wednesday at the Mill City Museum. 6:27am

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