(SK)Hills to Pay the Bills (DEN)

This morning we served up hot bacon and hills. If you didn’t get any bacon, it’s because the early group ate it. If you were in the early group and didn’t get any, it’s because Molly ate it… She isn’t here right now. I can say that. And the hills were kinda wet, but that’s how I take my hills. They slide down easier. Soggy hills for breakfast. The only thing missing was a heaping side of Little Man Ice Cream. We’ll wear them down… We always get the #Verbal.

Today was a gorgeous day! Sure it was raining… but rain just means renewal! Some would feel gloomy, but not us. We all still had that bacon and ice cream in our hearts! We ran, we cheered, we high fived, we hugged, and we smiled so hard that I felt the clouds part just over our favorite little hill to let Mr. Sunshine peak out and give us a little wink. There was one cloud though. Our friend Ari is soon to depart our fair tribe to grace that of another. Ari’s smiles, hugs, and high fives will surely be missed by all. If anyone has ice cream in their heart, it is her. Probably something chocolatey. And nutty. I bet it’s Rocky Road. Please #traverbal hard… all the time! Check out her going away party this Sunday. Fill her house. Eat all of her food. Hug her hard.

It’s a big weekend! I hope you don’t plan on sleeping. Like at all.

I’m off to get some maple bacon ice cream!


WED: Civic Center Park. 5:30/6:15. Be there, or be there.

There weren’t any dogs at 5:30, so we had to pet Dan
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