Skatepocalype (DEN)

Day one of November Project Denver’s Friday Exploration Sessions was a massive success. Our throwback jams from Linkin Park, Blink-182, and Avril Lavigne set the tone of the morning, as the #NP5280 tribe lit up the Denver Skatepark. We dropped the kickers, cruised the rollers, and stomped our landings over a technical running course through bowls, ledges, and stairs. Our balance was tested as we shiftied over the rails and kickfliped over some monster curbs. The amplitude reached critical mass when we broke into an X-Games-like freestyle jam session, where the shredders hit the monster bowl for some McTwists, Caballerials, and TripleCorks. Think I’m kidding. Checkout the facebook album.


WEDNESDAY 6:15A Capitol Bldg Stairs (14th/Broadway)



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