I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the siting of a lunar eclipse than to feed the November Project Minneapolis tribe #HillsforBreakfast.  The morning began with a circular human chair exercise that took the entire tribe’s cooperation, and hey, it worked on the first try!  Talk about community.  Tribe leader Ben then got a good bounce going and a warm up was done running to the bottom of the lovely hill we use for the #Sixer workout.  Tribe members discussed there favorite pet of all time on the way down with someone they hadn’t met yet. We arrived at the bottom of the hill; it stared at us tauntingly, as if it we daring us to try and reach its summit.  Lone behold, the tribe completed the summit of the hill 6 times.  5 minutes was put on the clock and members charged the hill and ran back down, then did a rotation of box jumps, flutter kicks, and push ups until with the remaining time.  The next repetition was started until all 6 were completed.  #SweatyHugs were given out and a hike was made back to the stairs behind the Guthrie that we meet on in the morning.  A few group photos were taken and the positivity award was given out from last week’s recipients.  Tribe member Cyndi Hovey received the award this week and I think everyone knows why.. (she’s the only one not sitting in the photo below).

Great job today Minneapolis!  Let’s continue to grow!

Charging the hill
Charging the hill
Sweaty hugging, we love each other
Sweaty hugging, we love each other 🙂
If that's not positivity for ya!
If that’s not positivity for ya!
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