Sittés des enfants aka The Babysitters (YEG)

The Babysitters!
Apparently there is something unexciting happening in Utah this weekend, a summit of some sort or something. Anyways it sounds boring. But our leaders decided to take off anyways and they decided to leave the most responsible tribe members to babysit the tribe. And when they said no, they (I’m guessing reluctantly) asked us to babysit all the brave people who came out to run Walterdale Hill this morning.   
As proud members of #TeamFOMO, we took our babysitting gig very seriously. Our main goal wasn’t to be good babysitters. You know the type: the ones who will do the dishes, fold laundry, get your kids in bed early and feed them organics baby carrots for snacks. We wanted to be cool babysitters. The ones that let your watch a PG13 movie when you’re 11 years old, feed you Doritos and let you go back on the trampoline less than an hour after you had lunch. #safetyfourth    
So we showed up and did what we had to do. We bounced and we did the “Good morning” routine twice because we both wanted to know the joy of screaming super loud. We had amazing signs (thanks to Steven who upgraded our initial sharpies & cardboard plan to the next level) to show our support and love to all the NP’pers racing this weekend. We had props to dress up because dressing up makes you run 56,4 % faster (We did the statistics. Trust us, at least one of us is a scientist). Talk to Nonnie who was running with rabbit ears on her head and who cruuuuushed the hill this morning. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 
We cheered everyone through the high five tunnel. We made sure everyone was staying off the road. We celebrated today’s birthday. We cheered on the newbie before the picture because we forgot to do it during the bounce (this leading thing is new to us okay!!!). We took the picture and shared FOUR hugs because we decided to get a side of #extralove with our #hillsforbreakfast. 
We finished with cookies and lollipops. Lots of them. That is what cool babysitters do: they get you high on a sugar rush before handing you off to your parents (or bosses). You’re welcome. 
As most of you figured out already, Manon’s first language is french and we’d figure it would be the perfect occasion let her say a few words in her own language. Getting to talk without having all the doubting of “How do I say that? Is it two feet or two foot? WTH is a Canadian Tuxedo!?” is an underrated feeling. Trent agreed to do dust off his French and do the translation work. Thanks, Trent! 
“Un immense merci à tout le monde qui se sont joint à nous ce matin pour attaquer la montée Walterdale et commencer ce vendredi de la meilleure façon possible. Merci d’être venu, d’avoir donné tout ce que vous avez dans le ventre, d’avoir partagé ces quelques minutes avec nous tous et de faire en sorte que cette communauté soit plus positive et forte que jamais!” 
Trent translation:

“A huge thanks to all the members of the tribe that came out this morning to conquer some hills this morning at Walterdale. While it remains a daunting hill the tribe was flying up and down with passion, encouragement, and enthusiasm that we know and love from you guys. Thanks for making it a special Friday for those of us left behind, but I think in reality the Utah group is missing out on this. I couldn’t think of a better group of people to babysit”
Trust me this is exactly right, no need to use Google translate to double check my work
Well know this recap and our 15 minutes of leadership fame are dragging on so we should wrap this up. Thanks for letting us be your babysitters.
Manon & Trent

Next Week: 
Monday – Legislature Grounds
Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs – a special guest is coming according to Tyler.
Friday – Walterdale Hill   

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