Showtime (NYC)

NYC is the media capital of the world. Today, we took advantage of that. We took to the streets of NYC and went a mini tour of a few live TV spots.  We also went old school and had The New York Times there following us around, taking pictures, and interviewing our tribe members.  Let’s use the local media to help spread the love, community, hugs, and free fitness. We also finished by the famous Radio City Hall. But today, we were the show.


Let’d Do This, NYC!


Workout consisted of four 5-7 min stations at various spots down 6th Ave. There we burpees, wall sits, hoistees, push ups, box jumps, and more. Oh, we were noticed–even by a few news anchors (and security guards).

Squat Box taking notice. #BOOM

Earning the weekend.

Radio City Hall now presents, ‘Box Jumps By November Project’ — “Four Stars!”– The Onion




Have a great fucking weekend!

Mic Dropped!

Next Week: Wednesday 3-4-15

PR Day! Gracie Mansion (E86th & East River) @ 5:28am and 6:28am. It’s NP_NYC’s year anniversary. Wear your birthday suits and party hats.











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