#ShowSomeSkin (MSP)

Guest-blog written and photographed by Carly Danek. (Above Left)

November 10th. The first big snowfall was November 10th. That’s four straight months of wool socks, winter tights, a second pair of winter tights, jacket, hat, buff, balaclava, gloves, ice, wind chill, frozen eyelashes, grit, guts and moxie. Yes, moxie. The toughest part of November Project in the winter in the north is, in fact, just showing up.


We all know that NPers have a streak of crazy in their blood, but it takes something a bit more than crazy to leave a warm and toasty home to brave a -20 degree wind chill and run hill repeats through the snow in the dark. But we did it. We showed up. And it was awesome. And it was all because of the people. We knew we’d miss the crazy people that make up this tribe that have that little extra bit of something more; shall we call it moxie?


We’ve shown up each week, bundled in thick jackets and bulky hats, with the only bit of exposed skin around our eyes. We’ve looked like bandits, faces covered, stealing across the Stone Arch Bridge and leap frogging on the river front. But it’s not what we’ve stolen over these past four months; it’s what we’ve earned. We’ve earned our fitness. We’ve earned our friendships. We’ve. Earned. Spring.


We made it. It’s March and it’s above freezing. Let’s take off the hats, pull down the masks and show some skin. Let’s see each other again! Let’s get our cold averse brethren back to the mill. Let’s welcome newcomers who spent this winter in hibernation. Let’s kick off the spring in true NP style, by kicking ass.

You might even see me in short socks. That’s right. Be prepared for a little #ankleaction.


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