Show Me Your Trust Muscle (DEN)

530 Ancient Egyptians
530 Ancient Egyptians


Well, in true NP5280 fashion, we made up another thing.  We managed to turn something you do at a corporate business retreat with your cubicle neighbor, Phil, into an exercise.  The trust fall-press shall henceforth, hitherto, until further notice be named the BFF, as in Best Friends Forever like what 7th grade girls wrote on their notes to each other in the mid-90’s.  Do they still do that?  I don’t know.  Bottom line, if you can’t trust your best friend, who the hell can you trust?

Strangers or for real BFF’s, November Project is all about making connections with each other.  No matter how long you’ve known a person, there’s always something else to learn.  On a larger scale, trusting the tribe to pull you through a bitching workout like today’s mountain of stairs at the Convention Center is another example.  Those damn things never get easier, but you keep just showing up, knowing it’s going to be hard as fuck, also knowing that someone else is going to be struggle bussing it right next to you.  When you struggle together, you learn how to expand your self-imposed limits and you get stronger.  It’s science!

If you’re having a dandy time, if you love what we do, keep talking about it.  We still have the goal to hit 300 people by June 29th.  Yes, Johnny Russell, that’s a Wednesday.  We’ve been very consistent getting a total of 80-90 people between the two Wednesday workouts, so if each of you brings 2-3 friends just think of how many BFFs you can have and how many notes you can write to each other and doodle on during your work day!  Matthew and I WILL get inked if we’re able to hit 300 by June 29.  We both have our designs picked out, so this shit is happening, but not without you!  Keep recruiting and bring this community to someone else who needs it!

This Shit Is Good.

Major Wood

615 Smells like teen spirit...and sweat.  Mostly sweat.
615 Smells like teen spirit…and sweat. Mostly sweat.

TUESDAY: 615a @ Confluence Park

Women, meet aqui!
Women, meet aqui!

Happy Hour Run tonight @ 6!  Meet in front of Gov’s Park Tavern

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