Shoutout to the newbies (BAL)

#NP_BAL vets know what they are getting themselves into. They see the Facebook post language and can probably cleverly guess the workout for Wednesday. Vets throw themselves in the middle, hug longer than usual, and have embraced this community head-on for months, if not years. Vets, we love you; we appreciate you.

This morning, however, I’m tipping my hat to the newbies of this AM. Newbie friends, newbie child (yes, he was 9), newbie dog, newbie #traverbaler….just newbies! Really, you all are studs to the tenth degree. Your friends warned you; we swear, we bounce, and they should have definitely warned you about the hugs.


But you know what? Within 10 minutes of you signing that #NPWaiver and getting thrown into the mix of the  telephone workout, we couldn’t even tell. You were smiling and sweating and leader burpee-ing with the rest of us (I thoroughly regret that # BTW.. hundreds of burpees later).


I’m thankful to the newbies that immersed themselves instantly without hesitation. You are joining in on breakfast on your first day, brining new recruits on your second day, and taking photos for us a week later. WHO ARE YOU? We love you.


Hug the newbie a little longer, because before our very eyes he/she blossoms one hour later into a full-on bad-ass NP_BAL tribemember. *sniff* they grow-up too fast.

Oh and hey – thanks to our man, our dad: Bojan. Thanks for #justshowingup, doing all the light-pole suicides, and ultimately creating this kickass movement that brings us community and hugs and free fitness every single week. We love you too.



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