Shots From The Top



You did it, Upper Bowl is a beast.

We have all gotten very good at Instagram, etc. and making ourselves look “perfect” for our social media circle but I think I got the most perfect shots today.  Every single person gets to the top and is absolutely gassed.  Whether you’re a walker or a runner, you all busted you ass up some of the steepest stairs in Edmonton and had the same expression at the top.  A little horror, exasperation, focus and determination.  It’s amazing to watch.  These are the perfect pictures of you.  You got your ass out of bed, committed to showing up and over and over pushed your body and mind to a special place.  We say it over and over, NP just provides the setting, everything else is completely up to you. Whether you slow down or speed up, quit or keep going, hit snooze or wake up, all of your accomplishments rest on your shoulders.  You don’t have to thank us, you have to thank yourself and take full credit for doing something good for yourself.  These are pictures of you doing something that is so important, taking care of yourself and challenging yourself.  Thanks for showing up this morning, you are all an inspiration.  Fuck ya!

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