Shark Week (DEN)

It’s shark week! (Cue Jaws theme song) That was clearly evident by Jason leading us through an awesome game of Sharks and Minnows. Having Jason help lead went quite swimmingly… I should leave.

Sharks and Minnows wasn’t the only evidence of it being shark week. I could see it on everyone’s faces today. I’m not going to try to fool anyone. Today’s workout was hard. You know it. I know it. I was there. I was huffing and puffing during the whole 5:30 session. The amazing thing is that the workout itself isn’t difficult. Do some hoisties. Do some planking and pushups. Run up a hill. Repeat. The thing that made it so hard was all of you. You always have the choice of pushing yourself as hard as you want to, but today so many of you CHOSE to push. HARD. You CRUSHED that hill. You raced each other. You raced yourselves. You had the killer instincts of a shark… or a tiger… of a tiger shark today. And you ate that hill for breakfast! I couldn’t be more proud of how hard you all worked today. Not simply for the fact that you did it, but because you CHOSE to do it. You could have jogged up that hill. Hell, you could have stayed in bed! But you decided that it was a better idea to #JustShowUp and do something that will make you stronger, faster, and happier! You are the sharks of shark week.

Eye of the tiger... shark!
Eye of the tiger… shark!

I can’t tell you how honored I am to be around you every Wednesday and Friday. Look at me… getting all emotional and choked up. I’m getting a little verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic. Grape-nuts contains neither grapes nor nuts. Discuss.

OK. I’m better now. The point is… you’re all beautiful, fierce, wonderful people, and I’m so lucky to be a part of this community.

Have a beautiful weekend. you earned it. Go out and leave everything better than you found it.

WED: 5:30/6:15am Civic Center Park

5:30 pole climbers
5:30 pole climbers
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