Shamwonderful (YEG)

Seriously, who put down a shammy to get tagged? Sure, it was brightly coloured, and when you wipe your kitchen table, you’ll get remnants of hills for breakfast. Or maybe after you wash your floors, it’ll make you feel like you’re still running at Emily Murphy hill. Or, maybe you use it to dry yourself after you shower so that you can get the scent of a post-workout sweaty hug. I think I just talked myself into liking this idea. I think we are on to something here.

For those that missed Steven’s story on that social media platform, make sure you read it.

Monday is a holiday. Monday we will travel. Monday we meet at 6am. Monday we will be at Jackie Parker Park.

#BetterThanBedtime3 is coming august 17th. This is all you need to know for now. You will meet at 4pm. You will run. You will drink. You will meet here.




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