Shake It, Bake It (DCA)

This morning was all about crushing a half dozen donuts (real or metaphorical depending on where you went after the workout) at the Meridian Hill Bakery (coined by Devin Ruic). Every once in a while, we get to treat folks to some prizes. Congrats to Dan “Flash” Martin and Melanie “Speedy Gonzalez” Fineman for taking names today and winning some tix to tonight’s Wizards game #DCrising. Most of all, congrats to EVERYONE that showed up this morning #WeekEarned.

In other news:

MONTH OF MAY: There’s a lot going on right now. First, let’s talk about miles, baby. Let’s talk ’bout fit cities. Let’s talk about all the bikes and running legs that you might see. If you haven’t yet, follow these instructions and join up with Team NovemberProjectDC to log some miles, raise money for TeamRWB, and show San Diego who the #FitterCity is. It’s simple. It’s for a good cause.

WEDNESDAY: Not only will there be cool announcements, but we’re also bringing back the Remix to Abe Lincoln. Unsure of what that is? Just learn (or remember a few lines) of the following lyrics:

Gimme that toot, toot / Gimme that beep, beep

It’s the remix to Abe Lincoln
Hot and fresh out Meridian
Mama rollin’ those stairs
got every man in here sprintin’
Running those logs and then some
I’m like so what I’m not done
It’s a freakin’ Wednesday
I’m about to have me some fun

Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce

If you’ve made it this far, great. Keep making a difference in YOUR community. Keep changing YOUR world and YOUR city for the better. Own it. Work it. Love it. Now comment on the FB post or tweet the following: “Toot Toot. Beep Beep”

‘Get up, get out, do something’ – Not R. Kelly


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