Shake and Bake (SD)

Talladega Nights? Nope. Talladega Mornings.

I feel like I say this a lot, but this morning was epic. You all crawled out of the shadows, grabbed your partners by the hands, hoistee’d, pushed up, sat up, ran stairs, and sprinted cement. You poured sweat (and maybe a few tears). Your hands stung from all of the high fives. You gave it your all.

And then some. The Talladega Lap is no joke. A combination of steep stairs, crooked stairs, and straightaways, all shaped like a race track. And race you did.

There were racers and runners, and nobody was left behind.

So give yourselves a pat on the back, and a fuck yeah, and remember “Here’s the deal: I’m the best there is – plain and simple. I mean, I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence. You know, nobody can hang with my stuff. I’m just a–just a big, hairy, American winning machine. And BE HAPPY, BE STRONG, BE BRIGHT!”

I’m pretty sure that’s how that quote went.


– Photos: there were photos taken, but it has become clear that I am terrible with a GoPro so many of them didn’t turn out. The ask is there again: if you would like to guest shoot photos for a workout, please reach out to me! No crazy experience or fancy equipment needed. Much appreciated!

– Social Media: keep any eye on the FB/instagram pages for important info about workouts and events. Recruiting Papers 3.0 is coming soon! And make sure to follow us @novemberprojectSD.

– #NewsCh19: this week we added NP Virginia Beach to the family. That makes 19 cities in North America. World takeover is real. If you know anyone in any of the cities that have a NP tribe, send them out. You know they won’t regret it.



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