SF, We’ve Got A Sister!

If you thought all you’d get at #NPSummit would be 100 new friends, 50 new leaders to crush on, free socks, shades, and North Face gear, you’d be wrong. SF, we got a sister!

That’s right, in addition to these nice pickups, we’ve also been paired with a sister city. A tribe for us to love and for them to love us back. But before I reveal this city, I thought I’d give you some clues. Because clues are fun. And I write riddles. Professionally.


  • If you’re under 14, you can be fined $3 per swear word, with a maximum of $10 worth of fines per day. Shitttt.
  • Over 1700 city residents hold the world record for the most people simultaneously performing the “stop, drop, and roll” fire safety technique, set in 2011.
  • It’s illegal to ride your horse here at more than 10 mph. Paddy, maybe not a great training ground for when you try to defend your Ride and Tie Championship.
  • This city is the most sexually satisfied city in the country according to “Men’s Health” magazine, closely followed by Fort Wayne. Just sayin.
  • “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” was written by a native of this city.

Give up yet? Found out yet? Tired of me not just telling you?

Our sister city is Indianapolis!

indy skyline

Okay, so here’s all you should do for now. Like their Facebook page. Stalk some of their photos. Leave a couple of compliments in their comments for their tribe members.

We’ll have more planned between our two cities soon. But more than anything else, show them some love!

See you Wednesday for tagging (one piece each please) and PR Wednesday!


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