SF Week in Review

As Paddy says, what a DOOZY this week has been! Monday we got high on spray paint fumes. Wednesday we all PR’ed. That’s not true, but I like to think we did. And then came Wednesday evening…

#NPthebook event at the bar was a great success with over 75 people coming out to drink and, um, drink. Clearly people were too beat up from the morning workout to come out for a second one at 6 PM, hence the smaller crowd. This did not crush the playful spirit of the group, however, and we got right into relay races on the panhandle, while carefully avoiding dog shit and dirty needles (kidding about the needle part, I think).

On the last relay race of the evening, Paddy called for piggy back rides. Fuck. I was on Team Tall. First in line were Brogan (6’6) and Andrew Garcia (6’6). Watching Andrew jump onto Brogan’s back was both entertaining and terrifying. Brogan did not look confident. They made it through the first length safely, Andrew jumping off of Brogan’s back, and Brogan jumping back onto Andrew’s for the final sprint. As they closed in on the finish line, Andrew’s knees crumbled beneath him, both men collapsed to the grass, and the ground shook for a lengthy 30 seconds. Meanwhile, Kylie carried Bojan (6’4) like he was a toddler. 14248e6d-c5bf-4cc3-a999-fd17be034714

THEN WE DRANK (Bye Christina)


This leads us to Friday morning at the Land’s End Trail where Paddy gave us the longest and most confusing description of where the trail would lead us. So naturally, on the very first lap, everyone went the wrong way. Sigh.

But it’s incredible to me after 3 years, we are still finding new trails, new staircases, and secret areas of this city to run in. For those who missed it this morning, you really fucked it up. Just thought you should know that.

Oh, and you missed Sarah Moret.

DSC_2627 DSC_2617

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