SF Tribe Never To Visit NPDC After Today. And I Mean Never.

I want you all to take a second to look at the faces in this photo. The shock. The confusion. The horror. These are the faces of human beings who will never travel to DC for the remainder of their lifetime.

You see, even Danny Metcalf’s sculpted calves and strikingly white teeth (seriously man, are those all real?) won’t get the tribe to the district after learning everyone who goes there get’s mugged. After you all sprinted out your final PR Wednesday before taking on the next big challenge-a 15 lb turkey- we lovingly touched each other’s faces, looked deep into each other’s eyes, and told weird facts about what makes us who we are. On this fateful day, a traveling NP’er from the DC tribe met a SF local, both who shared depressing “weird facts” about getting mugged in the city of brotherly love. Wait, I think that’s actually Philly. But in west coast standards, DC and Philly are practically the same place, right? In West Virginia? DSC_0071

As I biked away this morning I thought to myself, “I bet every other city talked about things they are thankful for this morning. And here we are laughing about gun shot wounds and 10 lb baby cavities.” Well folks, I am grateful for these conversations. Anything different wouldn’t make us NPSF; the most uncomfortably weird tribe of the wild, wild west.

This is when I stop typing.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! Don’t forget Dean Karnazes verbaled for hills on Friday, 6:25 AM on the top of Vista Point, on the other side of the GG Bridge. Come one, come all!


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