SF survives, BOS Welcomes Big Names, MSN Reaches New Level

As we’re getting ready for our 3 city social called , a lot of things are going on in the world of NP.

By Ben Fox
Lots of new faces again today (too many girls ain’t enough girls ya hear meh). Nice lil circuit. Stairs, plyo, hills, repeat. The tribe felt awkward without our fearless leader but we banded together and I still got a girl to hug me. We have a new dog mascot which was a welcome addition, he got humpday off to a good start… If you know what I mean.

By Bojan the Serbian
Out tribe has been graced with presence of many big names today. From the dedicated #GrassrootsGear squad at the section 2 banging out millions of shirts, to surprise appearance of NP_SF leader, Laura McCloskey, over some long lost college friends that live overseas, all the way to one of our most positive tribes-ladies Jess Colgan Snyder that took a page from Leanne Hughes Johnson’s book, showing the world that just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t train with the tribe. Jess has been away for the summer working in a camp but has been planing her pregnancy checkups around the NP workout schedule. That’s commitment right there.

But the man that stole the show recently turned 70 and the tribe gave him a proper birthday celebration. Happy Birthday David Schwartz!

By Dan Graham
We’re so cool that we don’t need to recap our workouts anymore. We reached the level of telepathic communication so in our eyes and minds this whole internet thing is extremely outdated.

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