SF Is So Hardcore We Ask You To Roll Around In Broken Glass

In all honesty, we apologize for anyone affected by the broken glass this morning. I wake up at the same time as all of you and don’t ever sweep the workout area before for safety hazards. I barely know what the chants are. How does it go…”Are you okay?” Something like that.


This morning, SF threw down what has been known as one of the most difficult leg workouts to grace the Aquatic Park Steps. Let’s just say, if you don’t feel it tomorrow then you didn’t do it right. Post workout relays in the sand left the Mitch Westwood hug extra special (and exfoliating) and people were all smiles until they began to run to work and realized they had sand in all the wrong places. Once again, I am terribly sorry for the incredible discomfort we brought you this morning. But that’s what you get for participating in a free workout. Jokes on you!

WEDNESDAY: ALTA PLAZA, We ask you all dress up in your favorite St Pattys day attire!

FRIDAY: WE WILL BE TAGGING, Ocean Beach.  All at 6:25 AM

Happy Monday, people!  DSC_0434


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