Settin’ Records

Coldest workout of the 2015-2016 winter so far in Boston?  Record set (I think, but I know you hooligans will tell me if I’m wrong.)

More Wednesday workouts completed outside of the stadium than last winter?  Record Set.  (we only had one weather-forced Wed workout in the track last year.)

Most butts touched innocently during the penguin-huddle bounce? Record Set (we all know it).

Most burpees done on a Wednesday in the history of time? Record Set (just go with it.)

Most lessons learned about the benefits of need for not only warm but weatherproof hand wear in the winter? Record set (“cold is as cold does, so we shall be the warm we want to feel in the world.” –gandhi gump)

Most burpees done by a dude named Sebastian while not doing a “Sebastian” in the snow?  Record totally set (while simultaneously celebrating a birthday too).

Most #NP_BOS tribe members to track their workout on the Tracker? Record Set (click here and track your shit because we care what you do and so I’m not lying about that record.)

Best way to start the fucking day?  Every Wednesday?  No matter how cold or dark or snowy?  Record Set.


The Tribe Sets Records.  Because the Tribe is Strong.

ps. Get ready to welcome back Chris Capozzi from the warm waters of Costa Rica–he’ll see you all on Friday.  I am peacing out to Costa Rica for a yoga retreat until next week. I know you’ll miss me.  I’ll think of you while I run in shorts in the beautiful sunshine, learn to surf, and yoga my face off.  Don’t worry, I’ll survive.  I’ll see you next Wednesday at Harvard Stadium.  #Verbal.  Love you all, EmSauce

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