Set the Bar High

This is the season of love and gratitude. It’s the time we make sure we show our love and gratitude to our families, friends, to the people we know and people we do not know. After spending the Thanksgiving day with our loved ones, those who are in close proximity to Boston woke up early today to show up at the #free Black Friday workout offered in Brookline, MA. Thankfully, November Project is always the best deal in town. It is offered every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It is always free. And we are always guaranteed to have a badass workout and spend quality time with lovely people. This is our community we are all grateful to have.

Within the November Project community, we support each other, we encourage each other to challenge ourselves and thrive in everything we do in every aspect of our lives. It is not just about racing, but since #raceeverything is our main motto at November Project, let’s start with racing: Before every race, I set a goal to achieve for myself. A goal within my grasp, a goal that sounds realistic (realistic here means: achievable by a human); but, at the same time a goal that is really hard, a goal that the chances of achievement is less likely than failure.  This is fine, because we can only get better if we set the bar high like this. But the part we shy away from is to tell everybody that’s what we want to do. We don’t want to sound cocky. We don’t want to say something, and end up being far away from it and look like a fool. But, that is exactly what we should do: set the bar high and tell everybody about it. That’s how we will get support, that’s how we will inspire others, and that’s how we will excel in what we do.

If you think you can run a sub-4 hour marathon, and on a really good day you think you may be able to run the marathon in 3h 40m, that should be your goal. Tell the whole world that you want the run the marathon in 3 hours and 40 minutes. Who cares if you fail? Who cares if you ran it in 3 hour 55 minutes? It may sound more successful to say: “I ran a sub-4 hour marathon with 5 minutes to spare.” But, believe me it is much more badass and inspiring to say: “I wanted to run a 3h 40m marathon, I was 15 minutes off, but I will get better, work harder and try again”. At the end of the day, your marathon time is just a number, but your attitude about setting the bar high and striving for it makes the difference. And apply this to everything you do. I want to run 50 sections at the stadium. I want to be more loving to my friends and family. I want to be a better husband/wife, mom/dad, sibling. I want to solve this problem today. I want to ask that girl/guy out.

There is nothing cool about coasting in your successes, because that clearly means you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Be proud of your failure, be proud of your nerve to challenge yourself so hard, be proud of how close you got to your goal, and keep pushing to reach that goal. Don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid of failing. Don’t be embarrassed about failing. Always set the bar high!


Today, we ran as many full hills as we could until 7:15 with 10 hoisties on top of the hill. Our consistent and loving member Nathalya Mamane wanted to celebrate her birthday with us. She showed up at the hills with her birthday cake, jugs of coffee and her awesome family. A newbie, Shalane Flanagan, received the positivity award for being an example for us to set the bar high, love the people around us and give back to our community. On Monday December 1st, we will meet for destination deck at 6:29AM. See the destination and #verbal now!


PS: Stay tuned for more info about how you can buy your Celtics tickets (2 tickets for $30) for the game on Wed. December 17th vs Orlando Magic @ 7:30 PM. This link will contain the information at 3:59 pm on Sunday.

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