Self-Imposed Socializing (DEN)

Wow, look it, wow! What a morning: New workout, new spice, new level of awesomeness

530A November Project Denver
530A November Project Denver

Did you bear-crawl up stairs today?

alex kristy

Did you crab-crawl down stairs today?


Did you bunny-hop up stairs today?


Did you sumo-squat down stairs today?


Did you high-5 push-up with your toughest racing competitor? 


Did you race your neighbor up 55 cheese-grater stairs?


Did Sargento do 150+ burpees as his penance for over 20 PRs achieved by you on PR Clover Day?


Did you earn your weekend by wildin’ out on the selfie stick?


As bearded Troy would say: “Hey Denver, Y’all Good!?!?

bearded troy


Fuck Yeah,

Lt Flan Turb


TONITE: #FNLsummits 630p @ Green Mtn. After Party at Cannonball Creek Brewery at 8p.

WED : 530/615A : Capitol Building Stairs : 14th & Lincoln : More Stairs, Different Venue.

FRI : 6/19 : SUNRISE 6K : 515A & 600A : Cheeseman Park : Round TWO, #FREE Racing for you.








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