Seis de Mayo (#Sixer)

The morning began warm and muggy as tribe leader Ben gathered members in a circle at the usual meeting location.

NP 5_6_15 022

In celebration of yesterday’s date, #NP_MSP worked out in the spirit of Seis de Mayo.  6 is so much better than 5, especially when it means 6 hill reps instead of 5.  The tribe is strong. The tribe got after it.  The workout consisted of 6 hill reps using our original hill that goes from the river up to the 35W bridge monument.

NP 5_6_15 027

Each rep was put on a 5 minute timer which does mean you were given 5 minutes to complete a single hill rep, it means that 5 minutes was put on the clock and once the hill rep was completed, there were other conditioning workouts to be done.

NP 5_6_15 033

The conditioning workouts that filled up the remainder of each 5 minute interval were box jumps (on a HUGE ledge), dips, and hot-footed lizards ( a mock-up of mountain climbers).  With each rep completed, the workout got harder and harder but every single tribe member completed the workout. The tribe is getting faster.

NP 5_6_15 039

After the fierce hill workout, the tribe traveled up the “nomad” path to congregate back at the Mill for a group photo and some announcements. In support of the new #Sixer tradition, a 6 pack of assorted ales was present at the workout and handed out to 6 hard working, ass-kicking souls. Also, this week’s lumberjack is Mike Jenker, way to go Mike!


We “do” Fridays! 6:27am, UMN boathouse. See you there!

Take a look at the NP Summit 2015 event (on fb page, link below). You don’t want to miss this. Form your teams and keep training!

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