Secret Stairs, Monkeys, but no Chairs?

So, what did we do this morning?  We hugged, for sure.  We bounced awkwardly (aka appropriately) close to one another.  We jogged through one of the most beautiful man-made areas in San Diego, arguably in Southern California.  We smiled, and said good morning to perfect strangers passing us on their run/walk/bike through the park.  We tightened our cores and played games from our childhood, and those games decided our fate.  We ran some stone stairs, and trails, and trail stairs, and concrete stairs, and wonky, wobbly wooden stairs.  We ran ’em all!  We slapped a fence to start our journey back up the hill.  We slapped five with our tribemates.  We hooted, we hollered, we channeled our inner jungle animal.  We supported each other, arms linked, backs straight.  We were in it together.  We made metaphors together to carry with us throughout our day, our week, our year.  We recognized someone special in a crowd of someone specials.  We made echoes with a BOOM to mark another year passed.  We puffed up our cheeks, waved our arms like orangoutangs, grimaced and growled like Jaguars, hissed like anacondas, and grunted like gorillas.  We thanked our friends, new and old, for showing up, for supporting our community, and for spreading positivity like wildfire.  We went off into our days with a smile, a little lighter, a little happier, and a little more ready to take on whatever lies in front of us.  We tried explaining the morning to our coworkers, our baristas, and our bank tellers (2 out of 13 seemed to get it, the rest looked at us like we were crazy.  Who knows, they might show up one day…).

We took on our days with the power of an entire community, and not just any.  Our fires were fueled by each and every wonderful human being that decided to wake up, ditch the snooze, step outside of their comfort zone and do something great for themselves and everyone around them.  We are all incredible people on our own, I promise you, but together, together we’re something words have trouble describing.  #justshowup and find out for yourselves.  This. Shit. Is. Good.



This morning we DID.  Now here’s what we’re going to DO:

#NP_yoga -Friday, 6:30AM – Milestone Running – FREE, but space is limited.  Sign up HERE

#FlashMobFriday – We gather this Friday, 12:20PM SHARP, at Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade Park.  7 minutes of burpees, and at 12:27PM, we disperse….  #grassrootsgear required.  If you don’t have any, make a friend that has an extra!  Let’s mix things up a bit, tribe, and have some fun with this!

#MayhemMondays – Monday, 6:29AM, Crown Point Park.  Exact location with be shared in Sunday’s hype post.



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