Sebastian Will Find You (LAX)

Nowhere is safe from Sebastian.


We made a promise to you – once a month, we get a visit from our favorite friend we’ve never met. 7 minutes in heaven, but the closet is a gorgeous view and you’re making out full force with as many burpees as possible. The call outs of every ten you completed were strong, even as time wore on and your arms started to really feel like jello. We held each other accountable and screamed our way to a #weekendearned.


If the going gets tough this week, remember that you did this today. You displayed strength at a time where you may not have thought you had any left. You dug deep and persevered, giving an encouraging fuck yeah to the person next to you along the way. You were capable then, and the only difference between then and now are the cloths you’re wearing (maybe, I definitely wrote this before I showered). Take that feeling of “I can and I did” and apply it to your day. You’ll be pretty happy with the results.


The workout itself was no joke either, winding through the trails of the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, frog hopping to areas we’ve never been before, with plenty of push ups to get you warm for our encore event. Beautiful people, beautiful scene, beautiful sweat… it’s how we do.




TOMORROW – Sweetgreen fun run @11 am, Meet at the Plaza next to their Sunset/Gower location

  • You’ll show up, get a coupon code for use in their iPhone app, order your salad, then go for a run! It’ll be ready when/soon after you finish running.
  • If you don’t have an iphone, don’t worry, you’ll still get a salad!

SUNDAY – Chinatown Firecracker 5/10K @8 am

  • Planning to cheer or want to register to run? All the info you need is right here –
  • Remember your #grassrootsgear!

WEDNESDAY – #NP_Mixer, The Parlor @8 pm

  • Come to The Parlor in West Hollywood for the first of many NP Mixers! There will be drinks, your friends, and karaoke. Not really sure how much better I can make this sound.
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