Screw Thorns, Smell the Roses (SD)

Today we took to the Rose and Cactus Garden for the workout. A quick game of RPS determined whether you headed over towards the fountain (winners) or down the zig zag trail through the desert (losers). Both laps were hard, but the general consensus was the cactus trail was the harder of the two – which made the losers really the winners of the workout. Because nobody really loses at November Project, duh. Follow? No? Cool, we’ll blame any confusion in the blog post on the head injury (which was sustained by Ashleigh, not me… but concussions are contagious, right?).













If you haven’t gotten a chance, read the blog post from our friends at the Mothership this morning. Emily spoke some eloquent words. We all have that nasty little voice in our head. The one that says we aren’t good enough, we aren’t fast enough, we aren’t smart enough. The one that questions if people really like us. The one that says, oh their just saying those nice and encouraging things out of pity. The one that doubts that you can finish the entire November Project workout. Or that doubts whether you should even show up in the first place.

At November Project, we try to wipe out that voice. You SHOULD #justshowup. You CAN finish the workout. You ARE loved by your tribe. You ARE good enough, fast enough, and smart enough.

So today, screw that mean little voice. Put it on mute. All day. And see how that changes things for you. And then maybe put it on mute tomorrow too. And the next day. And the next.

Because life is short. And you are special. Screw the thorns and smell the roses instead.

Be happy, be strong, be bright, and keep being celebration machines San Diego


Straight from the horse’s mouth:

  • #MayhemMonday – Life’s a BEACH! La Jolla Cove. 6:29AM.
  • #SoCalRollCall – races are always faster with more racers and parties are always more fun with better guests. Let’s grow this party and #raceeverything. Your goal for next week is to bring a CO-WORKER to Monday or Wednesday’s workout. Bonus points if they come wearing a tie.
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