Sand In My Pants Friday!

So that was 2/5 of our Friday workouts in Santa Monica. I’m sure as you’re reading this you’re still picking sand from the dark crevices of your body. A nice subtle reminder at how stellar this morning was. Not every tribe can say they get to workout on the beach. So California many of the other cities would say, but really they’re just jelly of the missed opportunity of the down and dirty we all just got. It was like one giant romping Sandy Seal contest. If you don’t know what that is chances are you didn’t grow up in California..



The 20,20,20,20 workout is not easy.  Burpees, push ups, squat jumps and leg raises while running on the sand tower to tower is not an easy feat so pat yourself on the back for the hardwork and not giving a shit when sand exploded all over you. You earned your weekend. Get out there, have fun and most of all Do Good LA!

Olive WayWorth



Runfest- Seriously sign up. Shits going to be real.  Sign up with the code: NPROJECT to recieve 20% off Entry.

#3014- On Nov. 5th we plan to reach our goal of 150. This also happens to be the birthday of November Project. Our baby is turning 3 years old. Let’s blast this out of the water and make 3014 a reality. Recruit!

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